Papywizard XML files

Papywizard is an open source software for controlling motorized panorama heads. For each set of images the software creates an XML file containing the individual positions of the shots and supplementary information which can be used in further processing.

After RCPano has taken the images for a panorama, a Papywizard-XML file describing the recorded panorama is stored in the iOS Files app.

With the information in this file, programs like PTGui or Autopano can perform a rough prealignment of the images, which is especially useful for difficult images containing only sky or in areas with little or no control points. After pre-alignment, there is no need to search all images for control points, the search can be limited to the overlapping images.

To find the Papywizard XML files, launch the Files app and select Browse. Choose On My iPhone or On My iPad, respectively. You will find a folder for RCPano. When you open this folder, you will find three directories:

  1. SDK_Logs: This directory contains log files created by the DJI software. These files are only of interest for DJI.
  2. RCPano_Logs: Log files created by RCPano are stored here. They are deleted after 30 days. We need the log files in case of an error.
  3. XML: This directory contains the Papywizard XML files created for each captured panorama. They are never deleted.

The name of the XML files is composed of the date and time when the recordings were made and the name of the device which created the shots, e.g. "20180828_1400 OSMO+.xml".

From the Files app, you can send the files by email, save them in notes, send them to your Mac using Airdrop or use other ways of sharing the XML.

Instructions on how to use the Papywizard-XML file with PTGui can be found on the PTGui Homepage.

Known problems

  1. After importing the Papywizard-XML file some images are upside down in PTGui. This can be undone by selecting all roll values in the list of images and then entering the number zero. This will display all images correctly again.