How to create a panorama
with the OSMO or OSMO+

RCPano supports the OSMO and OSMO+ for the creation of the zenith images, but you can also create complete 360 degree panoramas with these devices. With the Nadir support of RCPano the creation and stitching of a spherical panorama is considerably simplified.

First of all, enable Nadir support in the settings. From practice it is known that it is always a good idea to have two shots of the nadir, shifted by 90 or 180 degrees, to be able to mask tripod or feet in the stitching software. For this reason RCPano offers dual nadir shots.

Every time you have to change the position of the OSMO, the app will indicate this acoustically and by a message. Five seconds after confirming the message the shooting will continue.

360 degree with the OSMO

If you use an OSMO or an OSMO+ with a low zoom setting, one nadir shot is suficcient. To check how many nadir shots the app will take, tap the i-button right of the Optimize column count switch. If only one image will be taken for the nadir, proceed as shown in the following image:

Shoot Panorama with OSMO

  1. Mount the OSMO Extension Rod vertically on a tripod. Mount the OSMO to the extension rod so that the camera points to the sky. Start the shooting. RCPano will first capture the upper part of the panorama.
  2. After the shots are made, a message is displayed asking you to position the OSMO so that the battery door points towards the sky. First, turn the OSMO on the extension rod so that the trigger points towards the ground.
  3. Dismount the extension rod with the OSMO from the tripod and hold it with your hands pointing the battery door towards the sky. Five seconds after confirming the message, the first part of the nadir will be captured.
  4. Another message is displayed. Change your position and acknowledge the message. Again, after five seconds the image is taken.

If you follow these steps, the OSMO will know that is operating upside down (or in "underslung" mode). You don't have to point the camera exactly to the ground, the gimbal will be able to capture the ground if the camera is approximately facing it.

Gigapixel panorama with the OSMO+

If you use a fully zoomed OSMO+ to create a gigapixel panorama you will need more than one image for the nadir. In this case it's nearly impossible to hold the OSMO+ with your hands during the shooting. You can use the following technique, which only works with larger zoom levels, as otherwise the extension rod and tripod are already visible in the upper half of the image:

Shoot Panorama with the OSMO+

  1. Mount the OSMO Extension Rod on the tripod. Pull out the bar about halfway and mount the OSMO+. Tilt the tripod head to about 45º. Make sure that the tripod is equipped with a weight so that it cannot tip over. Adjust the OSMO+ so that the battery door points to the ground or the camera points to the sky, respectively. Prior to recording check that the nadir is shot twice in the the settings. Start recording.
  2. After the shots are made, a message is displayed asking you to position the OSMO so that the battery door points towards the sky. If supported by your tripod, additionally increase the position of the OSMO+ by moving the tube for mounting the tripod head upwards. Acknowledge the message. The first group of nadir images is taken.
  3. After the first set of nadir images is taken, another message is displayed. Move the tripod by 180º to the opposite side of the OSMO+. Make sure that the point below the camera remains as constant as possible. Acknowledge the message and the second set of nadir shots will be taken.

The lower the zoom level, the more the OSMO+ must be positioned vertically so that the extension rod or tripod are not captured in the upper area. If the zoom level is too low, the ground cannot be captured any more, so this technique is more suitable for larger zoom values.

Disable the images containing the extension rod or tripod in your stitching software. Of course you should also disable one of the double pictures in the nadir area.

With a focal length of 77mm the panorama will have a size of about 1.4 gigapixel.

Be sure to use an SD card with enough free space for the large number of images. A 64GB SD card is recommended. The battery of the OSMO should be fully charged, with large focal lengths a high capacity battery or an external battery extender is required! you should use a power bank for your iOS device if you plan to shoot a gigapixel panorama. Shooting a gigapixel panorama with a focal length of 77mm takes about an hour to complete.