Exposure depending on the sun position

Principle of the Sun-EV

If you have ever created a 360º panorama you know that the images containing the sun are overexposed most of the time. To avoid this, you typically create multiple pictures with different exposures (AEB mode). With the Enhanced AEB mode you can use much higher EV values in AEB mode as the DJI GO App allows.

Beyond the Enhanced AEB RCPano supports the Sun-EV, an automatic exposure adjustment for pictures facing towards the sun, depending on the sun's position. The animation on this page shows the technique used.

If you want the picture facing directly to the sun to have an exposure compensation of -1.0 EV, RCPano installs an exposure ramp for the pictures to the left and right of the sun, thereby slowly reducing the exposure until it reaches the image containing the sun . After the sun has passed, exposure is increased to the normal level again.

The automatic reduction is applied to images with the sky covering at least 50% of the image, having the gimbal positioned horizontally or pointing upwards.

Normally, RCPano starts the shots without moving your drone. When Sun-EV is active, the aircraft will rotate to a position in which it will hit the sun directly in one of the images of the first row.

Sunset near Berghausen

You will find a panorama shot with this technique on our samples page. The panorama was shot from a height of 42 meters with a total of 21 images times three in manual mode and EV of ±0,7. Sun-EV was -0,6, Row-EV +1,0. No HDR images were created. The best exposed picture for the position in question was taken. Of course the images were shot in RAW and the exposure could be adjusted in post production.