Security features
during panorama shooting

Safety first. RCPano has built in several security features to minimize errors or damages during the shooting of a panorama with a Phantom, Mavic, Spark or another DJI drone.

  • It will refuse to operate when your homepoint is not set or if you (not the drone!) are more than 100 meters away from the homepoint.
  • When your aircraft drifts more than 10 meters away from the recording point, altitude differs more than 3 meters from the recording point or a malfunction of the compass, IMU or GPS is signalled, the process of creating images is stopped and you get back full control over the aircraft.
  • If the IMU must be calibrated, a warning message is shown.
  • If the battery level drops below 20%, the creation of the panorama will be stopped so you can safely return your aircraft home.
  • If Return To Home is triggered for any reason, RCPano will stop it's work.
  • You can use the remote control at any time to fly the aircraft at a reduced speed. This allows you to maneuver the drone even if pictures are taken. When you stop controlling the Drone, it will return to the last position and continue to shoot the images.
  • You always have visual control of important parameters: Battery state, link quality, number of satellites locked, direction and height.
  • You can of course stop the creation of a panorama at any time.


RCPano checks No-Fly zones. If you are not allowed to fly at a certain location, the software will not work. You are responsible for flying at a location where flying is allowed.