Tips and Tricks for the creation of a panorama

We want to share some tips and tricks regarding the creation of an aerial panorama with a Phantom, Mavic or other DJI drone with you.

Before you Fly

Calibrate the compass! Regardless of what other people are saying: Calibrate the compass of the drone each time you fly at a new location. Even if you always fly at the same location, calibrate the compass from time to time. The whole process of automating the movement or the stabilization of your copter relies on a compass being in work order.

Check your lens! Check the lens for dust or dirt on it. It's disappointing shooting a panorama and recognizing in post that the lens was dirty. Do not take off from a point where grass or flowers can touch the lens and leave dust on it.

Check the battery! Depending on your settings and the wind strength taking all the pictures of a panorama might take more than 10 minutes. You should have at least 80% battery power available when starting to shoot.

Before you shoot

Pick the right starting point! If there are clouds in the sky, take your first picture of an area with no clouds on the left side of your image, if possible. RCPano will rotate the drone clockwise and you will not have stitching problems with clouds when there are no clouds on the left side of the first image.

While shooting

Avoid making phone calls using your cell phone while flying! Making phone calls while RCPano (or the DJI Go App) is active can interfer the communication between the remote control and the quadrocopter. This can result in unpredictable errors. This also applies when using an iPad for navigation and having the iPhone in your chest pocket.